Assistenza per Visto USA - Avv. Giuseppe Scagliarini
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E-MAIL is the preferred way to request an initial assessment of your case are request a consultation with Atty Scagliarini. Due to the overwhelming response, we cannot guarantee a reply to each email received, simply too many people contact us for us to be able to respond to all. However, we will make our best efforts to assist you. Please state your case in details and we will be able to assess whether we think we could be effective advocates for you.

We try to respond to every inquiry. If you do not receive an answer from us, it is safe to  assume that due to the nature of your case, our current case load, or other reasons,  we made a judgment that we cannot assist you effectively.

We do respond to the majority of the inquiries submitted. Our reply may at times  contain an initial legal analysis of your case as presented. This is only a preliminary  assessment and is not legal advice, and we urge you not to act on the basis of this initial response alone. In order to fully assist you, an understanding of the full ramifications of your case is necessary and that can only be developed through a commitment of time and resources that is beyond the scope of an initial exchange of correspondence.

We wholeheartedly recommend that you retain a qualified USA Immigration Lawyer, from our firm or  otherwise, before making important decisions relating to your immigration or visa status,  working or living arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE : Receipt of a response from our office does not establish an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship will be established only if and when our firm is retained.


FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, we can provide a TELEPHONE CONSULTATION or a SKYPE VIDEOCONFERENCE with an experienced USA Immigration lawyer to effectively address your problem, especially in urgent matters where deadlines are looming and time is of the essence and personal interaction is important.

For the most sensitive matters, where only personal contact will do, we can accommodate the needs of clients who want to obtain face-to-face, personal legal advice by scheduling an IN-PERSON CONSULTATION. We can see you at our Newport, RI office or we can travel to meet you, in Boston or anywhere else, subject to our availability. (Travel costs and travel time will be added to our regular consultation fee).

For all of our consultations, we offer convenient times and locations and we work our consultations around your schedule, including after-hours telephone appointments convenient for the time zone where you are located.



This is far less than our normal hourly fee for existing clients (currently a minimum of $300/hour for matters in which we have not reached a flat fee agreement with the client) and should not be considered our general hourly rate for matters beyond the first meeting.

We have found that this small amount ensures a commitment from the client and weeds out potential uninterested parties. Additionally, we strongly believe that many clients walk away from this consultation with much more than they have paid for: a clearer understanding of their immigration and visa options and unvarnished advice about their present and future immigration situation.

For your convenience, you can pay us through the credit card portal on our web site. Once payment is received, we will confirm the appointment and issue further   instruction by providing a direct number to dial the attorney conducting the  consultation. We are usually able to schedule a consultation shortly after confirmation of funds is received.


Per i nostri clienti Italiani, possiamo offrire consultazione e assistenza in Italiano per l’ottenimento del Visto per gli USA (compreso visto E-1, E-2, L-1, H-1B, O-1, e altri visti di lavoro per gli Stati Uniti d’America), Immigrazione Permanente negli Stati Uniti (tramite green card per ricongiungimento familiare o basata su offerta di lavoro), costituzione società’ negli Stati Uniti d’America, assistenza nella costituzione di filiali in USA e altro.


Based in Newport, RI Immigration Attorney Giuseppe Scagliarini offers consultation on USA Immigration matters and other matters of US Federal Law to clients worldwide. Attorney Giuseppe Scagliarini has been practicing USA Immigration Law and USA Commercial, Corporate and Federal Law for over twenty years and speak sfluently both English and Italian, conversational Spanish and French.

Consultations with attorney Scagliarini can be conducted in either language.

To receive assistance with scheduling a consultation please do not hesitate to CONTACT US