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We would like to take some time to explore some of the core values of our firm, including how we approach the attorney-client relationship, what you can expect from us, what we expect from a client, and how we attempt to structure our fees.


While everybody is different and comes from a different walk of life, we have found that we do business better with clients who share our fundamental values.


WE BELIEVE THAT EACH HUMAN BEING DESERVES RESPECT, FAIRNESS & TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY. As immigration lawyers, we hold ourselves to high standards in attempting to minimize your inconvenience, cost, confusion and, at times, a sense of loss and desperation while entangled in a maddening intricate legal system. At the same time, we expect similar respect from clients. That is why we ask you not to abuse our open-door policy when it comes to initial consultations, follow ups on trivial issues, or processing times that are beyond our power to expedite.

WE BELIEVE IN AND EMBRACE THE PRINCIPLES EMBODIED IN THE PREAMBLE TO THE U.S. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. To use the words of Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

WE BELIEVE THAT THE “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” IS A FUNDAMENTAL PART OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Each individual should endeavor to live in an environment that is supportive of his or her lifestyle, ambitions, and aspirations. If that involves moving to another country such as the United States, we are honored to assist those who will entrust us with this task.

WE BELIEVE IN TELLING THE TRUTH. We intend to assist clients who understand the value of being truthful. We will not assist anyone who seeks to commit fraud to secure a benefit under U.S. Law. WE BELIEVE IN POLITENESS. We will not conduct any business with people who exhibit unethical, rude, profane, or disrespectful behavior towards anybody. Profanity or verbal or written harassment from a client will not be tolerated and the client will be terminated immediately.

WE BELIEVE THAT OUR EFFORTS SHOULD BE COMPENSATED. We do not do business with people who expect something for nothing. While we attempt to keep our fees moderate, please take the time to consider the many years of training and experience needed to gather the resources to help you, the costs associated with continuing legal education, our constant attempt to keep abreast of an ever-changing legal landscape, the need to subscribe to the electronic libraries necessary to perform the apparently simple task to render even a five-minute legal opinion. If you are not keeping this in mind, you will not appreciate our help and we ask that you refrain from requesting it.

WE BELIEVE IN KNOWLEDGE. We constantly stay updated on new developments in the law, attending continuing legal educations seminars, conferences, and reading the latest available legal resources so that you do not have to do it. Consider the advantages and potential costs savings associated with availing yourself of the knowledge of a skilled immigration lawyer who may spare you from committing potentially serious missteps along the way. You should consider the legal fees an insurance policy and an investment in your future. We routinely see people whose lives were shattered by self-help, “notarios”, or by unscrupulous, incompetent or otherwise unethical attorneys.

WE BELIEVE IN FOSTERING A POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT. We try to develop a relaxed work environment and a personal and enjoyable relationship between our staff and with each of our clients.   WE BELIEVE THAT THE HUMAN BEING COMES FIRST. In an ocean of bureaucracy, we try never to forget the human story behind each case, and why it is so important to you as a client that we as attorneys do the best possible job on your behalf. We do not want to ever forget that all these actions have human consequences, and to act accordingly.


Giuseppe Scagliarini, Esq.

Attorney at Law; Founder


Maltese Princess; Receptionist


WE REPRESENT CLIENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD! First, no matter where you are, we offer consultations via Telephone or Teleconference (Skype). Additionally, if you wish to meet us in person we can meet you in our headquarters in Newport, RI, or at Regus’ facility in Downtown Boston, MA. Plus we can arrange a meeting in virtually any major U.S. or International city (travel costs and time will be billed to the client in addition to our normal fees).*


*PLEASE NOTE :  Attorney Scagliarini is admitted in the States of New York and Rhode Island, and is not admitted in all 50 U.S. States. Consultations will be limited to matters of Federal Law such as U.S. Immigration Law, U.S. Intellectual Property Law and U.S. Federal Taxation, and laws of the Jurisdictions in which he is admitted.

LOCATIONS → Newport, Rhode Island – USA

THE LAW OFFICES OF GIUSEPPE SCAGLIARINI proudly maintains its headquarters in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. The Newport office is located on the fabled “Ocean Drive” in Newport, Rhode Island, and provides us with easy access to Providence, Boston, New York City, and all other main US cities. You are most welcome to visit us at our Newport, Rhode Island location at any time.

Law Offices of Giuseppe Scagliarini 

37 Harrison Avenue

Newport, RI 02840 USA



LOCATIONS → Boston, Massachusetts – USA

THE LAW OFFICES OF GIUSEPPE SCAGLIARINI is proud to announce the availability for the firm clients of a new conferencing facility in Boston, Massachusetts at the Faneuil Hall offices of Regus/HQ. Our agreement with Regus/HQ allows us to meet clients in the Boston Downtown area, steps away from the Federal JFK Federal Building, Government Center, and a short ride from Boston Logan International Airport.*


The Boston, MA location is located in the heart of Boston at 8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace (better known as “Quincy Market”), Boston, Massachusetts & offers convenient parking, central location & easy access from Boston Logan International Airport & the four main Downtown Boston subway stations.

PLEASE NOTE that attorney Scagliarini is licensed in the states of NY and RI and not in Massachusetts and will not be able to render legal advice on issues of Massachusetts law. The Boston location must therefore be considered only a meeting facility and we do not represent to be a Massachusetts law firm. Thank you for your interest in our law firm.